EKWB Digital RGB LED Strip 100mm

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Key Specifications
  • RGB LED Strip

  • Strip Length: 100mm

  • Cable length: 500mm

  • Rated voltage: 5V DC

  • Connection type: 3-pin (5V+ D Ground)

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Replacement individually addressable RGB strip for upgrading existing EK products. The strip is 100mm long and can replace standard RGB strips in CPU blocks, reservoirs, combo units and pumps. The strip is connected via 3pin connector to supported 5V headers that are present on several high-end motherboards.

Technical data:

- Connection type: 3-pin (5V+ D Ground)
- Rated voltage: 5V DC
- Strip length: 100mm
- Cable length: 500mm


Connect only with compatible Digital RGB headers!
Only for 3-pin (5V+ D Ground) headers!
The arrow on the header marks the 5V pin.
Connecting the LED to the wrong header will result in the failure of the LED strip!