Socomec UPS NETYS PR-RT 1700VA/1350W 230V 50/60Hz with AVR (NPR-1700-RT)

Key Specifications
  • IEC320-C14 Mains connection

  • 8 (10 A) x IEC 320

  • Protecting small servers, networking devices

  • Standard 19" Rack Cabinets

  • Compact footprint (2U/89 mm) for installation in rack cabinets

  • Integrated nTP protection for LAn/ADsLconnection

  • Clear and uncluttered LCD interface

  • Back-up time 6 min

  • Integrated AVR function (Automatic Voltage Regulation) stabilizes

SKU:#047976 Warranty2 years by Socomec Product No.:UPS-SCM-NPR1700RT Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

High performance protection on rack or tower
Single/single phase UPS from 1700 to 3300 VA - Rack/Tower

The solution for
• Professional and IT equipment
• Servers and networking devices
• CAD/ Graphic workstations with monitors and peripherals
• Control systems

A secure and professional supply continuity
• Ideal solution for protecting small servers, networking devices and peripherals.
• Assures service continuity to critical applications.
• Designed for professional applications: the sinevawe inverter technology assures full compatibility with any kind of load and power supply.

Tailored to IT networking
• The space and time-saving tower/rack conversion option means it can be installed easily either in tower mode or inside standard 19” rack cabinets depending on the user’s needs.


2 years by Socomec