Energea WiDisc Compact Wireless Fast Charging Pad 7.5/10W

Stock Status: Discontinued
Key Specifications
  • Qi-Compatible Wireless Charger

  • 7.5W of Charging Power

  • Non-Slip Base

  • Low Standby Current

  • Ultra-Fast Response Time

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Redefining High Speed Wireless Charging
to stay at the forefront of the game, Energea has designed a wireless charging pad that is conveniently simple and built to comply with Qi Charging Standard. With its one-coil charing pad, the WiDisc can deliver fast-chargning speed of up to 10W of power for all compatible devices.
* Fast Charging must used with Fast Charging Power Adapter and Fast Charging Cable
* Fast Charing only for Samsung Selected Devices Note 5, Note 8, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, LG G5, G6

Slim and Compact With a Non Slip Grip
with a minimal approach to the design, the WiDisc is kept intentionally slim and compact so it fits perfectly, whether you are charging your devices at home of the office. Integrated with an all-round non-slip TPU coating, it ensures that your devices will always stay aligned with the coil when charging. Additionally, with an electroplated inner structure to keep the charging platform sturdy, you can easily drop and charge, hassle-free.

Smart Sensory Detection
Integrated with a sensitive surface detection, the WiDisc not only boasts an ultra-fast response time as it charges your devices immediately upon contact, it also automatically goest into low current mode when no surface activity is detected. In addition, the WiDisc is smart enough to detect foreign objects, ensuring that power is delivered to only compatible device.

- Ultra-Fast Response Time: Immediately starts charging on contact
- Low Standby Current: Ensures minimal power draw when idle
- Foreign object detection: Ensuring that power is only sent to compatible wireless devices