Cozistyle PHONEGuard Wallet Red

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Key Specifications
  • Compatibility to iPhone X with most thin snap-on case

  • iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6s

  • Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6

  • Flame / Heat resistant

  • SGS Certified Fireproof

  • Anti-Theft RFID

  • Earphones / USB charge access

  • Removable Wrist strap

Color: Red

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Ultimate Mobile Device Protection
PHONEGuard Wallet is designed to protect you and other people around you from the hazard of accidental explosions that could develop as a result of the battery within a smartphone or portable charger. This case works by having your device placed within whenever in use or while charging.
Our designers chose double layer laminated Kevlar ballistic fabric for the interior of the pouch enhancing explosion protection, heat and flame resistance. The chemical composition of Kevlar produces incredible resistance to abrasion, heat, flame, or explosion.
Its detachable wristlet strap lets you go hands-free and there are Anti-theft RFID card slots to keep your cards safe and organized.
Made from premium aniline leather, which is soft, beautiful and natural looking, the unique design featuring various vibrant colors gives it a modest yet luxurious look and lets you express your style.

Explosion protection
Manufacturers often use Kevlar® fabric in ballistic vests, body armor, and racing tires. PHONE Guard case uses Double layered Kevlar laminated fabric, absorbing and dispersing the impact of smartphone battery or portable charger battery explosions.

Flame / Heat resistant
Features flame resistant Kevlar® materials for battery explosion protection with high degradation point of 470°C and no melting point.
When an accidental explosion happens, the flame resistance feature can provide more protection time.
Withstand operating temperatures up to 280°C / 536°F and resistance to instantaneous elevated temperatures of 700°C / 1192°F.

SGS Certified Fireproof
Flammability test of clothing textile16 CFR 1610

Anti-Theft RFID
Ultra-thin RFID metal shield protects your sensitive information such as credit cards or electronic IC cards and features credit card slots for easy organization.