NUBWO M-RAAZ X91 Radiant RGB Mouse Pad

Stock Status: Discontinued
Key Specifications
  • 350 x 250 / 3 mm thick

  • Colorful RGB mouse pad

  • Cable length 1.8 m

SKU:#045107 Warranty2 years by NUBWO Product No.:X91 Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

Colorful RGB mouse pad
Can detect the operation of the mouse on the computer quickly and precisely.
Suitable for mouse, optical sensor and laser sensor.
Prevent slippery of the rubber mouse.
Can adjust 7 colors and 2 light modes
Can disconnect the USB cable
Size 350x250x3mm
Weight 180 grams, not including cable
Cable length 1.8 meters
Voltage 5v DC
Electric current 150mA max


2 years by NUBWO