EGA Type MP2 Gaming Mouse Mat Grey

Stock Status: Discontinued
Key Specifications
  • 350 x 280mm x 3mm thick

Color: Grey

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You would be surprised how a mouse mat. Can change your perspective of game play. With the materials precisely and intellegntly chosen by real gamers. Dodging bullets and shooting you enemies has never been easier. Reach your enemy’s base in no time in real time strategy games or steer Cross a near miss wall collision in racing games will collision in racing games will never give you a hard time. The special rubber material will give you a real group and precise halt for your mouse. It’s not only the mouse. It’s also the mouse mat that has to be good!

EGA Type MP2
Usable for both optical mouse and laser mouse
Complicated work by handling mouse movement more smoothly

The ground surface of the mouse mat is made of neoprene matterial, and protect from slip while using
Heavy Textured Weave
Anti-Fraying Stiched Frame
Pixel Precise Targetting and tracking

With 3mm and non-slip rubber base the EGA GAming Mouse MAT Stays firmly in place, even over imperfect surface, providing a reliable foundation for consistent mouse movements,