Razer Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller for Android

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Key Specifications
  • 4 multi-function buttons

  • Bluetooth/Wired connection

  • Mecha-Tactile action buttons

  • Trigger stops for quick-firing action

  • Mobile app for Android

  • Adjustable phone mount

  • Wireless and wired control

  • Up to 23 hours battery life on a single charge

SKU:#041480 Warranty1 year by Razer Product No.:RAIJU-MOBILE Short link:http://i.nvade.it/aN2 See specifications from the manufacturer

The devastating features that come with the popular Razer Raiju Ultimate is now built into the Razer Raiju Mobile—button actuation at high speed, a soft cushioned touch, and crisp tactile feedback. The Razer Raiju Mobile utilizes our signature Razer™ Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons to keep you a move faster than your opponents, as you enjoy a console experience with your mobile game.

1. Ergonomic Multi-Function Button Layout
Individually remap each of the 4 multi-function buttons to your preferred command. With extended controls, the Razer Raiju Mobile lets you unlock a combination of moves to take your opponents by surprise.

2. Hair Trigger Mode
Fractions of a second can be the difference between victory and defeat. By activating the mechanical stop-switches, you greatly reduce travel distance to the controller's main triggers so all you need is a slight press to launch full rapid fire.

3. Sensitivity Clutch Levels
Assign the sensitivity clutch function to a multifunction button and hold it to temporarily decrease thumbstick sensitivity for precise aiming, especially useful when playing FPS games.

4. Mode Switch
Easily switch between connectivity modes and paired devices without manual re-pairing.

Get the perfect viewing angle whether you're leaning back on a couch or gaming at your desk. The Razer Raiju Mobile features a flexible phone mount that you can adjust up to a 60-degree tilt for the perfect position.


1 year by Razer