NUBWO Emperor Gaming Chair Black (NBCH-007)

Stock Status: Discontinued
Key Specifications
  • High Grade PU Leather

  • Memory Foam

  • Iron Frame

  • Adjustable Armrest

  • 180 degree Adjusting Lever

  • Imported Hydraulic

  • Universal Casters

Color: Black

SKU:#047018 Warranty1 year by NUBWO Product No.:NBCH-007-BLACK Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

1. Headrest pillow
2. The armrests can be folded
3. Having the ability to slowly return Which will help to break resistance.
4. Adjustable bed can be locked and can be adjusted to 135 degrees.
5. Imported hydraulic equipment.
6. Legs made of coated pasta.
7. International standard wheels.


1 year by NUBWO