AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Processor (Not including Cooler)

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Key Specifications
  • Cores: 64 / Threads: 128

  • up to 4.3GHz

  • L2 32MB / L3 256MB Cache

  • sTRX4

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Proven By Hollywood
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ has already demonstrated its value to special effects artists for major motion picture studios.

New Motherboards. Exclusive Technologies
The new AMD TRX40 motherboards feature the debut of advanced PCIe® 4.0 connectivity on high-end desktop, delivering more bandwidth for creators than ever before.

64 cores provide an astonishing 128 threads of simultaneous multi-processing power, while 288MB of combined cache and vast I/O from the enthusiast-grade AMD TRX40 platform work together to deliver incredible performance.

64 cores and 128 threads for lightning-fast rendering workloads.
An unprecedented 88 total PCIe® 4.0 lanes to meet large GPU and NVMe needs.
Up to 288MB of combined cache for rapid access to large data sets.
Quad-channel DDR4 with available ECC support for reliable throughput.


3 Years by AMD