SilverStone Mini-SAS HD Device 4-Way Splitter Cable (SST-CPS05)

Key Specifications
  • Support SAS 3.0 (12Gbps/Lane)

  • Cable length of 500mm

  • Heavy-duty SFF-8643 connector

  • 4 lanes, high-performance design

SKU:#034282 Product No.:SST-CPS05 Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

Support SAS 3.0 (12Gbps/Lane) industry standard
Thick, shielded Mini-SAS SFF-8643 36-Pin to SATA 7-Pin with sideband for reliable throughput
Heavy-duty SFF-8643 connector ensure stable connection
4 lanes, high-performance design
Cable length of 500mm

SilverStone created CPS05, a new mini SAS HD cable that will fit the next generation SAS 3.0 specification, which supports SAS to run at 12Gb/s. With sideband connection (SGPIO) feature, the CPS05 is designed for always on and reliable operation with servers or workstations. There are four lanes that provide top performance for any professional SAS or SATA storage device with both ends of the cable being 36-Pin SFF-8643 connector and SATA 7-Pin 4 (target device) with the sideband HD connector made out of industrial-grade material with weave Sleeving for robust and trouble-free connections