XYZ Printing da Vinci Jr. 1.0A Pro 3D Printer (3F1JAXTH00A)

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Key Specifications
  • X / Y 12.5 Microns

  • Fastest 120 mm / s Print Head Speed

  • 20 - 400 Microns Resolution

  • 175 x 175 x 175 mm Printing Area

  • 1.75 mm Filament Diameter

  • PLA / PETG / Tough PLA

  • Premium Metallic PLA / * XYZ Carbon Fiber (Optional Extruder) Material

  • 1 x 0.4 mm Print Head Diameter

  • USB 2.0 Cable

  • 100V ~ 240V 12V / 60W Power

  • 15 ~ 32 ° C Working Temperature

SKU:#051655 Warranty1 year by XYZ Printing Product No.:3F1JAXTH00A Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

da Vinci Jr. 1.0 A Pro
Increase the efficiency of your work.
Maximize efficiency with more features. Da Vinci Jr.1.0 A Pro is upgraded to be able to use plastic threads from other manufacturers and you can print larger pieces with better quality.

Larger printer for printing larger sizes
This printer is manufactured in the same style as the printers in the other Jr. series and added with special features. The print size of the da Vinci Jr. 1.0 A Pro is 60% larger than its predecessor, so it's perfect for taking your project to the next level.

Materials and software of other manufacturers
Choose from other manufacturers' PLA or PETG lines and easily adjust the print settings in XYZprint. By upgrading to our durable steel injectors You can create exotic prints using PLA, metal and PLA carbon as well. Also G-code support from Cura and slic3r allows you to print directly from the SD card.

Plug and play
9-point automatic calibration system to ensure easy installation and maintenance with up to 50% printing speed.

Add gimmicks with laser engraving heads.
Expand work methods And more creative ideas for you. By upgrading the machine with our extra engraving head Just switch to the extruder for our laser engraving head module. And can engrave on various materials such as paper, cardboard, leather, wood and plastic.


1 year by XYZ Printing
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