CyberPower UPS UT2200E-AS 2200VA/1320WATT - Tower

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Key Specifications
  • 2200VA / 1320 Watts

  • Line-interactive UPS Topology

  • Generator Compatible

  • Simulated Sine Wave Output

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

  • Overload Protection Surge and Spike Protection

  • EMI and RFI Filtration

  • Phone/Fax/Modem/DSL/Network Protection

  • LED Status Indicator

  • USB Connectivity Port

  • Configurable Alarm

  • PowerPanel® Management Software

  • Tower Form Factor

Capacity: 2200VA

SKU:#036483 Warranty2 years onsite by CyberPower Product No.:CBP-UT2200E-AS Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

CyberPower UT2200E provides home and office users a reliable battery backup and safeguard office PCs, network communication equipment, and other electronic devices from surges, spikes, brownouts and other power incidents.

The product is generator-compatible, which allows users flexible application scenario planning for power outages. The built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) stabilizes the AC signal allowing the UPS to deliver power at safe voltage levels to all connected equipment without resorting to battery power.


2 years onsite by CyberPower