Gamdias HERMES Lite Mechanical Combo (Thai/English) (GKC1002)

Stock Status: Discontinued
Key Specifications
  • GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches

  • Responsive Lighting

  • Anti-ghosting with 21-key rollover

  • Quick-Attach Wrist Rest

  • HERA Software Mouse

  • 4000 DPI

  • Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor

SKU:#031183 Product No.:19-03-01-0001 Short link: See specifications from the manufacturer

สำหรับปุ่ม Print Screen ไฟไม่ติดนั้น เพราะว่ามีการ Lock ปุ่ม Windows ครับ รบกวนลูกค้าทำดังนี้ครับ ถ้ากดปุ่ม Fn + Windows (ขวามือ) จะทำให้ไฟปุ่ม PrintScreen ดับลง นั่นคือการ Lock ปุ่ม Windows ครับ แต่ถ้ากดปุ่ม Fn + Windows อีกครั้ง จะเป็นการ unlock ปุ่ม Windows ไฟปุ่ม PrintSreen จะติดครับ ปุ่ม Scroll Lock กดปุ่มอีกรอบ ไฟจะติดครับ

Superb GAMDIAS certificated mechanical switches
GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches are engineerred to deliver exceptional mechanical tactile responsiveness. Its ergonomic design and key responsiveness make typing indescribably comfortable and exciting.

Red Blacklit For Gaming Feel
Choose from one of five levels illumination on individually backlit keys, the HERMES Lite provides clearer and sharper lighting options of each key for crisper gaming experience.

The Ultimate Game Mode
With game mode, You can disable the Windows key to prevent interruptions while gameplay.
21 Key rollover and 2 dedicated marco keys with 6 profiles upto 12 settings can execute your commands and simultaneous keystrokes register the way you intended.

Cutting-edge design
The slim body and slightly smaller keys of HERMES Lite make it a perfect fit on a busy gaming desk.

HERA Software
With GAMDIAS HERA software, we bring HERMES Lite to the next level - you can personalise and program it to your very own gaming experience.

Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor
The Erebos Lite V2 Optical features a 4000 DPI optical gaming sensor with upgraded tracking and pixel perfect accuracy.

Ergonomic Design
Designed to support different grip styles and fit in your hand naturally. The comfortable, ergonomic and ambidextrous design of the EREBOS Lite v2 optical gaming mouse blends innovation with simplicity and functionality with style.